The Joy of Meditation

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Welcome to The Joy of Meditation !

Meditation! Ahhh... It is the thing that changed my life - forever. I have been practicing it on a daily basis since 1990, though I had dabbled into all kinds of spirituality - yoga, zen, religions - since my teenage years in the '80s. From corporate programs to medical studies, meditation seems to be an important trend of the times, as many of us turn to our inner resources when faced with the rat-race our modern world has turned into. So I thought why not open a forum dedicated to experiences, questions and answers on this remarkable topic. Learn, share, grow, enjoy. What do you practice and how? What do you feel? (please, no "flying in the air" or "talking to my ancestors" kind of stuff). What benefits did you experience, and how did this change your personality, understanding, health and daily life? And above all, What is meditation?


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