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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sahaja Yoga meditation brings good benefits with Kundalini awakening

Experience of Peter Yeboah, UK with Sahaja Yoga meditation ( "I can describe the side-effects by way of a string of adjectives: peaceful, calm, stable, open, [...] forgiving, energetic, unperturbed, fresh, insightful, harmonious, silent..." Read on for the full story.

"When I sit down for meditation, I usually have before me a photograph of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (who first gave me the experience of the Kundalini energy in 1994); a lit candle and some Indian incense. This creates for me a suitably 'meditative' atmosphere. Sometimes I make use of Sahaja Yoga mantras and sometimes I don't; but I always approach meditation as an act of deep reverence towards Shri Mataji as the Guru, and as an act of adoration of the kundalini energy, which I have come to understand as the inner divine in every human being.

So in a comfortably seated position, not necessarily the traditional cross-legged yoga postion, I express my desire that the kundalini should rise from her seat in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine and flourish in the 'sahasrara chakra' (the thousand-petalled lotus) at the crown of the head. I express this desire by use of the sahaja yoga mantras which are a series of salutations of the kundalini as she manifests herself on each of the chakras ( nerve plexi along the spinal column). Or, I express this desire as silent prayer . The kundalini always responds and I experience her as a cool sensation that travels up from the lower torso, through the abdomen , the chest , the neck , the brow and finally the crown of the head. When she goes beyond the brow and I can feel her at the crown of the head , I am inevitably in a very relaxed state, completely tuned in to this inner event to the exclusion of anything else that may be happening outside of myself. By the time I open my eyes , although I feel I've had my eyes shut for about 10minutes , a check of the clock shows that my eyes have in fact been closed for 45 minutes to an hour. It's this state where time does not appear to operate that I recognise as my state of meditation.

And the benefits? What are the benefits to a seed of being germinated by the Mother Earth ? For that matter, what are the benefits of breathing ? With the deepening of Sahaja Yoga meditation comes the realisation that these are not benefits so much as vital necessity. And the so-called benefits are merely side-effects of a deep collective , evolutionary transformation in human awareness (witness the growing interest in meditation). I can describe the side-effects by way of a string of adjectives:

peaceful, calm , stable , open , very well , understanding , courageous, fearless, loving , giving, generous, soft-spoken, laughing , heavy, light, fixed, swiftly-moving, rich , inexhaustible, unlimited, free, worshipful , eloquent, relaxed, diplomatic, strong , soft, innocent, musical, wise, detached, lucid, morally-certain, dharmic, forgiving, energetic, unperturbed, fresh, insightful, harmonious, silent......"


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