The Joy of Meditation

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Can meditation lower blood pressure?

Yes, according to a study on Teenagers at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Read on the article from the National Institutes of Health (Washington, DC) web site:

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sahaja Yoga meditation brings good benefits with Kundalini awakening

Experience of Peter Yeboah, UK with Sahaja Yoga meditation ( "I can describe the side-effects by way of a string of adjectives: peaceful, calm, stable, open, [...] forgiving, energetic, unperturbed, fresh, insightful, harmonious, silent..." Read on for the full story.

"When I sit down for meditation, I usually have before me a photograph of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (who first gave me the experience of the Kundalini energy in 1994); a lit candle and some Indian incense. This creates for me a suitably 'meditative' atmosphere. Sometimes I make use of Sahaja Yoga mantras and sometimes I don't; but I always approach meditation as an act of deep reverence towards Shri Mataji as the Guru, and as an act of adoration of the kundalini energy, which I have come to understand as the inner divine in every human being.

So in a comfortably seated position, not necessarily the traditional cross-legged yoga postion, I express my desire that the kundalini should rise from her seat in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine and flourish in the 'sahasrara chakra' (the thousand-petalled lotus) at the crown of the head. I express this desire by use of the sahaja yoga mantras which are a series of salutations of the kundalini as she manifests herself on each of the chakras ( nerve plexi along the spinal column). Or, I express this desire as silent prayer . The kundalini always responds and I experience her as a cool sensation that travels up from the lower torso, through the abdomen , the chest , the neck , the brow and finally the crown of the head. When she goes beyond the brow and I can feel her at the crown of the head , I am inevitably in a very relaxed state, completely tuned in to this inner event to the exclusion of anything else that may be happening outside of myself. By the time I open my eyes , although I feel I've had my eyes shut for about 10minutes , a check of the clock shows that my eyes have in fact been closed for 45 minutes to an hour. It's this state where time does not appear to operate that I recognise as my state of meditation.

And the benefits? What are the benefits to a seed of being germinated by the Mother Earth ? For that matter, what are the benefits of breathing ? With the deepening of Sahaja Yoga meditation comes the realisation that these are not benefits so much as vital necessity. And the so-called benefits are merely side-effects of a deep collective , evolutionary transformation in human awareness (witness the growing interest in meditation). I can describe the side-effects by way of a string of adjectives:

peaceful, calm , stable , open , very well , understanding , courageous, fearless, loving , giving, generous, soft-spoken, laughing , heavy, light, fixed, swiftly-moving, rich , inexhaustible, unlimited, free, worshipful , eloquent, relaxed, diplomatic, strong , soft, innocent, musical, wise, detached, lucid, morally-certain, dharmic, forgiving, energetic, unperturbed, fresh, insightful, harmonious, silent......"

Monday, January 17, 2005

The roots of the tree

OK, so for starters - how about the benefits of meditation for children? I for one strongly believe that if children take to meditation and learn to bring their attention inside when faced with many of today's issues - from family hardships to school violence - they will grow into stronger adults who are better equipped for life and less prone to the usual traps (drugs, sex, alcohol). Children are at the root of the society. If you want to improve the tree you have to start at the roots. Well, the young kids in Pittsburgh surely seem to enjoy the calm of yoga and meditation! ( Hmmmmm, watching that smiling youngster makes me wonder... where along the way did we lose that joy?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Welcome to The Joy of Meditation !

Meditation! Ahhh... It is the thing that changed my life - forever. I have been practicing it on a daily basis since 1990, though I had dabbled into all kinds of spirituality - yoga, zen, religions - since my teenage years in the '80s. From corporate programs to medical studies, meditation seems to be an important trend of the times, as many of us turn to our inner resources when faced with the rat-race our modern world has turned into. So I thought why not open a forum dedicated to experiences, questions and answers on this remarkable topic. Learn, share, grow, enjoy. What do you practice and how? What do you feel? (please, no "flying in the air" or "talking to my ancestors" kind of stuff). What benefits did you experience, and how did this change your personality, understanding, health and daily life? And above all, What is meditation?